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What is the Credential and the Compostela?

The Credencial is a document that pilgrims should carry with them whatever on foot, by bicycle or on horseback; in the Middle Ages it served as safe-conduct. Nowadays, it is used as a pilgrim's identification so that he can access albergues, it also serves as a certificate of the request the Compostela.

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During the Camino, the pilgrim should stamp their Credencial in the albergues or places he passes, with two stamps each day is enough.

Here you will find more information about the Pilgrim's Credencial

The Credencial can be obtained in associations of friends of the Camino, public albergues, brotherhoods, etc. There is also a digital version that you can carry on your mobile phone.

The Compostela

Formerly the proof of having done the Camino de Santiago was a scallop shell that was obtained upon arrival in Santiago de Compostela. This shell allowed the pilgrims´ access to hostels and hospitals on their way back. Yes... maybe you hadn't thought about it but in the Middle Ages you had to walk back... again...

As this rudimentary certification was very easy to falsify, letters began to be issued, that is the origin of the current Compostela.

To obtain the Compostela, it is necessary to demonstrate, by presenting the Credencial, that you have walked at least the last 100 km to Santiago. In case of making the pilgrimage by bicycle, the minimum distance will be 200 km.

Once in Santiago, go to the International Pilgrim Reception Center at Calle Carretas n 33 to get your Compostela. In order to avoid the long queues, a registration system has been established. By scanning a QR at the entrance you will get your turn.

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